Advanced Supervision Skills

Many professions now view supervision as integral to the promotion of best and ethical practice. It was often assumed that becoming a supervisor or manager simply evolved out of experience and clinical practice, without the recognition or support that these positions carry an additional skills set in their own right. This training teaches the skills required to become an confident and competent supervisor with a renewed enthusiasm for the work. Each module introduces the key language and skills that lie at the core of a good supervisory practice, and explores these concepts through case control and experiential learning out of a transpersonal psychological model.

Personal and Professional Development
It explores not only the personal and professional development of the supervisee but also that of the supervisor in order to build a deep capacity for self-reflection. In addition supervision practice enhances the ability to handle unconscious triggers, hidden wounds and relationship conflicts that impact on the professional work. This creates a compassionate container where the supervision can be both a robust and enjoyable experience for supervisor and supervisee alike.

Supervision is a multidimensional process, which addresses the simultaneous interactions between the clients, supervisee, supervisor, organisation and wider culture or context in order to have an awareness of the complete picture.

Process Skills
From that mindful gaze it is possible to track and unfold with the supervisee core psychotherapeutic principles and process skills that are universal in any change process and that are needed to catch the speed and complexity of the therapeutic work. Through understanding and working with these core principles it is possible to re-energise the work and bring it to deeper level.

Supervisory Relationship/Style
This is strengthed through understanding the fundamentals of the supervisory relationship and how the style of a supervisor can be used with awareness to deepen reflective practice of the supevisee and hold ruptures as they arise.

Organisational and Cultural Change
From there supervision becomes a powerful catalyst to enable engagement with the organisation in order to bring about cultural change.

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  • These training days teach practical management skills to build confidence in working with groups and teams in order to lead from an empowered, clear and insightful place.
  • This training teaches the skills to deepen a self-reflective practice that forms the basis of all supervision. We can thereby empower others to engage with work in a more effective and satisfying way.
  • This training offers a tool kit and daily practice to live life in a more mindful way. It combines the best from psychological knowledge and meditation traditions to live out of full personal power.
  • Along with specialist topics, we create tailor-made introduction days in consultation with already exiting teams and groups to address exiting issues or agendas in the organization.