Leadership, Management and Organisation Skills

The Impeccable Leader: Becoming the Leader you want to see in the World

All of us are leaders in some way, and yet leadership often has a bad press. This training teaches the process skills to be able to sit in the heat of challenging teams, groups or organisational situations without any shyness or reluctance to take up the role. Understanding the responsibility of the leadership position is central in order to manage with wisdom and integrity.

These process skills are for managers in named positions of power, where learning the fundamentals of leadership helps to take up the manager’s role more congruently. The skills are also relevant for all of us interested in contributing towards cultural change, in being ‘the leader we want to see in the world’, and in any group situation where we find ourselves stepping into positions of ‘participant leader’.

Good leadership is dynamic, direct and does not use power to oppress others. Rather the leader is also the servant of the group, seeking to bring out its diversity and wisdom. In this way the task is completed more efficiently and working in a team can become a collaborative and enjoyable experience.

Understanding the process skills inherent in any group or organisation is essential to be able to lead with confidence and competence. Without such a process gaze, we run the risk of becoming a ‘wounded leader’, using power to defend against our wounds and oppress others. We may also miss important dynamics in the group, such as signs of burn out, splitting and demoralisation building up in the background.

The fundamental process skills of a leader include some of the following:

  • Understanding one’s own history, including blindspots and triggers, in order to lead with impeccability and openness.
  • Understanding relationship style and dynamics so that all feel included, empowered and energised.
  • Understanding the dynamics of power and conflict so that diversity is welcomed in a win-win atmosphere rather than fostering unhealthy competition, oppression or bullying.
  • Understanding the ‘political’ structure inherent in any team, group and organisation, to be able to read and name such process signals and to facilitate the group dynamics. Such informed facilitation enables increased contact and allows the team, group and organisation to discover its own wisdom and new solutions.

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  • These training days teach practical management skills to build confidence in working with groups and teams in order to lead from an empowered, clear and insightful place.
  • This training teaches the skills to deepen a self-reflective practice that forms the basis of all supervision. We can thereby empower others to engage with work in a more effective and satisfying way.
  • This training offers a tool kit and daily practice to live life in a more mindful way. It combines the best from psychological knowledge and meditation traditions to live out of full personal power.
  • Along with specialist topics, we create tailor-made introduction days in consultation with already exiting teams and groups to address exiting issues or agendas in the organization.