The Inner Camino


Discovering our inner guidance is a profoundly liberating experience that delivers this very key. In the face of seemingly insurmountable problems, we need a new awakened consciousness. Such awakening has often been shrouded in mysticism, or believed to be reserved for a chosen few, but in actual fact anyone can access it.

The Inner Camino is a heroic journey of awakening within. It initiates an extraordinary expedition, both deep into our own psychology, and to the heights of our numinous potential, in other words, our mystical capacities. Between these two differing terrains, The Inner Camino follows the waymarks through our most creative source of wisdom, our Intuitive Consciousness

This is a journey where we rediscover living knowledge that we may have once known but have forgotten. It is about rediscovering the power of our imagination and our capacity for magic. The Inner Camino is about becoming conscious creators.

Everything we encounter, every miserable meanness and unhappiness, is the very compost out of which we can learn and grow. We also discover not simply how to live out of a deep intuition, but how to actually create our lives in keeping with this intuitive knowing.

The basic premise underlying the Inner Camino is the belief that we have dual citizenship. We are citizens of both the ordinary mundane world of form and also citizens of a formless numinous realm. We are both numinous beings having a human experience and human beings having a numinous experience.

Holding the tension between these two worlds, ordinary and numinous, earth and heaven, is where we locate Intuitive Consciousness. It holds a view of ego self as if from the stars, that enables increasingly higher levels of knowledge. The Inner Camino is the journey of this development of Intuitive Consciousness, because it is the means by which we both reflect on the ordinary, and allow the numinous to stream in.

The Pilgrimage of Living Beyond the Ego

There is a limit or glass ceiling to understanding from within the ego's capacity alone. From the perspective of our numinous citizenship, we have greater wisdom to deal with our ordinary lives.

When we see life as an on-going journey we engage with enthusiasm along the Inner Camino irrespective of outer circumstances and however challenging life may appear. We rediscover the power of our imagination and our capacity for intentional change and become conscious creators in this journey of transformation.

We have used the term Camino to highlight the depth of this journeying. Our metaphor of the Inner Camino as a pilgrimage takes its inspiration from walking the Camino de Santiago. It refers to the old pilgrimage routes to the city of Santiago de Compostela (Campus Stellae) or the Way of Saint James of the Field of Stars. The Inner Camino charts this journey through the field of stars as our inner and outer worlds become attuned to each other, 'as above, so below'. Like Chaucer before, the obvious parallels between going on pilgrimage and our journey through life become apparent again.

In the diagrams we give a visual representation of this path and how it follows a route between two extensive landscapes. The green terrain, represented by a green cone describes everything that belongs to our everyday or mundane lives in the world of form. In this ordinary terrain resides the ego. This refers to our sense of self, which includes having a physical and a psychological body. We will meet many aspects of this ego along the inner journey as we work on our psychology.

The purple cone is the other realm through which we travel. It represents the numinous that is voiceless, formless and infinite. The numinous realm exists in an un-manifest ground of being, and is a place of peace, stillness and freedom from pain and suffering. The yellow line represents the path between the mundane and numinous. It forms the stable bridge, linking the two.

The more steadily we can walk this camino or bridge between these two landscapes, without slipping to one side or the other, the more we can deepen what we have termed our Intuitive Consciousness. This is the source of our greatest wisdom that encompasses both the psychological and the numinous. Connecting with this higher level of consciousness brings us fully present in the now, and is the starting point to become creators in our lives. From here the walk of our own caminos began.