jill-saraSara and Jill are sisters, born and raised in Dublin. Their lives diverged for a time before reconnecting with the understanding that they were also sisters on a path of awakening. By listening to their intuitive wisdom they became inspired to pool their experiences to write this book. The Inner Camino is a documentation of the synthesis of their journey through esoteric and psychological study.

The influence of spiritual communities has played a major role in their lives. Jill's journey began by studying Vedanta philosophy and qualifying in the Sivananda Yoga Ashram, culminating with her move to the Findhorn Community in the north of Scotland. Sara's process also brought her to Findhorn, after which she qualified in clinical psychology in Dublin.

Over the next fifteen years their paths continued to overlap through the study of Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy. Jill worked in the Findhorn community and was involved in the development of the community Steiner school. Here she completed a foundation course in Anthroposophical studies. Sara trained as both a Steiner teacher and Anthroposophical therapist. She spent fifteen years working in a private Anthroposophical hospital in the UK, where she was part of a medical team, extending mainstream western medicine through complementary, spiritual principles.

Their respective paths became further interwoven through their mutual appreciation of Processwork, the therapeutic and Worldwork psychotherapy of Arnold Mindell. Studying in Ireland and the USA, they qualified as Processwork therapists and facilitators. Their work continues to interweave through a deep commitment to the mystical, anchored in mainstream psychological practice. In 2002 they founded Sonas Consultancy where they began their collaborative work with groups and organisations.

"After years of studying and working together professionally we both reached a limit or 'glass ceiling'. We found that most of our existing psychological models did not fully reflect the esoteric wisdoms of many spiritual traditions. Equally our commitment to the rigour of daily eastern and western spiritual practices did not transform our most persistent old triggers.

The numinous realm and psychological science needed a reliable bridge that would straddle these two essential parts of our existence. The Inner Camino is about such a bridge between these two worlds, to hold in perfect balance all that we had discovered about ourselves in psychological science, and of all that we had garnered as a result of the wisdoms of spiritual practice. It charts the path we take to reconnect reliably to our intuitive wisdom that can straddle the worlds of the mundane and the numinous."