refers to a personal experience of the mystical or spiritual, and our natural connection to the divine. The numinous is voiceless, formless and infinite. The numinous realm exists in an un-manifest ground of being, and is a place of peace, stillness and freedom from pain and suffering.

The ego

includes having a physical body and a psychological sense of self, such as our thoughts and feelings. It resides in the ordinary terrain and is represented by everything that belongs to our everyday lives in the world of form. The ego has traditionally been seen in some psychological theories as the personality that has made us who we are today.

Intuitive Consciousness

is the means by which we both reflect on the ordinary, and allow the numinous to stream in. It forms a stable bridge for holding the tension between these two worlds. The yellow line on the diagram represents Intuitive Consciousness, the path between the mundane and numinous, heaven and earth.


shines through us, bathing all around in its perceptive and warm gaze. Whenever we are in the company of an elder we feel seen and understood. As elders we have total acceptance of what is. We have no need to change the other because when we tap into this level of consciousness we can see far beyond the ego into the perfection that lives in all of us. As elders we have a deep sense of connectedness with our own personal existence. We no longer have the hooks, triggers, and attachments that belonged to the ego story. However, this does not mean that we are overly detached, seeking an ivory tower existence. When we listen out of eldership we feel an intense presence and engagement with others. Eldership is the fruit of our daily practice of crossing the threshold.